April 5, 2014 -

Ever since getting Rdio- besides discovering awesome new music- I keep discovering great album artwork.
Here’s a bit of B&W, circles and magic to feast your eyeballs on.

April 7, 2014 -

Post_10_The Grand Budapest Hotel_01
Post_10_The Grand Budapest Hotel_03

Still dreaming about all the ephemera, so I thought I’d find out about the designer responsible, Annie Atkins. Read more about her on The Prowlster.


Post_10_The Grand Budapest Hotel_02

March 14, 2014 -

LG_Post_07_Styling-Sonia Rentsch_01
LG_Post_07_Styling-Sonia Rentsch_02
LG_Post_07_Styling-Sonia Rentsch_04

Enjoying the happy discovery of Sonia Rentsch‘s styling work – so many beautiful colours and remarkably simple compositions.

I’ve spent at least half an hour poring over every last detail, absorbing all the fresh visual concepts. View more of her superb work here.

Photography by Scott Newett + Willem-Dirk.

March 8, 2014 -


My dream of being able to say “Who ate my facecake?” finally came true. (Scrubs enthusiasts what up?!) Yesterday I got to celebrate MACHINE‘s second birthday with my own cake, with my own face on it. It was glorious. Also I haven’t managed to cut into it yet, so for now its sitting in our freezer, which should lead to some fun dinner party conversations in the future.

Happy Birthday MACHINE, its been more than a piece of cake, its been a whole damn gateaux of goodness!


My face was illustrated on by the one, the only Dani Loureiro. The best.
Have a look at all the other facecakes here.

February 14, 2014 -

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January 31, 2014 -

Post_05_Type-Simon Walker_02

Forever a fan of Simon Walker’s beautiful typography.

January 18, 2014 -

Sometimes I come across something so perfect and simple, I can’t help but be filled with pure, emerald green envy.


“Balance is a tenet of good graphic design, but life with its ups and downs is a bit of a balancing act too. We decided to visually represent this idea in our new promo gift. With a cheeky nod to the pharmaceutical industry, we developed a selection of pill-like balancing aids.”

The scary-talented bunch at Marx Design created such an elegant solution for a self-promotional gift. Candy disguised as mood-balancing aids, with the sweetest pharmaceutical packaging to boot.

Visit Marx Design

January 13, 2014 -

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January 11, 2014 -

LG_Post_01_Xmas Tags_01
LG_Post_01_Xmas Tags_02

Ok, so it’s a wee bit late to the party, but I thought I’d share my 2013 Xmas tags, for your printing pleasure. Maybe pin or bookmark them for later? They go great with some polka-dotted black and craft wrapping, all tied up with a bit of sparkly string.

Matching golden glitter manicure totally optional.

Free stuff


January 3, 2014 -


New hair, new diary, new portfolio.
Yup, its all fresh and new around these parts. It’s the first time I’ve gone the whole hog and clearly attached my name to my work. For various reasons, fear of criticism being the primary one, I’ve never been able to fully put myself out there.

2014 marks Cape Town as the World Design Capital. And it’s no joke. There are approximately at least 2 designers per every square meter of space in the City Bowl (Nicole Statistic™). And while this is inspiring and creates a fruitful ground for beautiful things to be created, it also can be a scary place to put your little design babies out into the world.

But it’s 2014. And I’m tired of letting silly little (big, all-consuming) fears hold me back in life. There’s kind of no point in working hard if I don’t start to actually enjoy the process and eventual fruits of my labours. Yes yes y’all.


Special thanks to my lovely other half Mr Walter for bringing this site to life. You’re a peach.