Hello 2014.

January 3, 2014 -


New hair, new diary, new portfolio.
Yup, its all fresh and new around these parts. It’s the first time I’ve gone the whole hog and clearly attached my name to my work. For various reasons, fear of criticism being the primary one, I’ve never been able to fully put myself out there.

2014 marks Cape Town as the World Design Capital. And it’s no joke. There are approximately at least 2 designers per every square meter of space in the City Bowl (Nicole Statistic™). And while this is inspiring and creates a fruitful ground for beautiful things to be created, it also can be a scary place to put your little design babies out into the world.

But it’s 2014. And I’m tired of letting silly little (big, all-consuming) fears hold me back in life. There’s kind of no point in working hard if I don’t start to actually enjoy the process and eventual fruits of my labours. Yes yes y’all.


Special thanks to my lovely other half Mr Walter for bringing this site to life. You’re a peach.


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