Marmite Halloween 2013

For some it's a trick, for some it's a treat

I was tasked to create the lock-up typography to compliment the amazing digital paintings by Dani Loureiro, and the Marmite jar illustration by Cassandra Leigh Johnson, for the latest Marmite Halloween poster campaign. Much like Marmite can be seen as both a trick or a treat, the posters themselves hold optical illusions showing either a trick or a treat – depending on how you see it. Spooky.

LG_Portfolio 2014_Work_Marmite T-or-T_01


ECD Jake Bester
CD Gareth McPherson + Dani Loureiro
Art Director Nicole Dalton + Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Copywriter Gisele Human
Designer Nicole Dalton
Illustrator Dani Loureiro + Cassandra Leigh Johnson