Pow Wow 2014 Calendar

A fold-out paper craft calendar inspired by Native American totem poles

Each year, Habari Media creates and distributes an annual calendar showcasing 12 prominent media and marketing players in the industry, one for every month of the year. The brief was to create a direct mail calendar that promotes Habari Media as an innovative and engaging media house.


LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_01

The result is an economically produced fold out paper craft calendar entitled ‘Pow Wow’ (meaning ‘gathering’ in Narrangansett). Inspired by Native American totem poles, each media person is assigned a month and spirit animal, signifying the individuals’ traits. Facial features of the spirit animals can be popped back and forth and are embedded with image recognition tech linking each spirit animal to the featured LinkedIn profile. The promotion of various media players effectively links Habari Media, an innovative Media house, to some of the industry’s greats.

LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_02
LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_03

Box closed + open

LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_04 LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_05a

Calendar in full

LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_06
LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_07


LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_08
LG_Portfolio 2014_Pow Wow_10

In situ


ECD Jake Bester
CD Gareth McPherson + Dani Loureiro
Art Director Dani Loureiro + Kaeli Justus
Copywriter Gisele Human
Designer Nicole Dalton
Illustrator Nicole Dalton + Kaeli Justus
Photographer Travys Owen